Apple Park

Cupertino, CA
175 acres
OLIN/Foster + Partners
Truebeck Construction,

Apple Park is the world headquarters for Apple Incorporated. The vision of Steve Jobs was for this campus to be a tree and meadow-based natural park, not an office park. Buchanan Fieldworks was hired by Apple to provide construction observation and owner representation services from pre-construction to punch list completion full-time during the 3-year landscape installation period, which included hundreds of field reports. The design included the installation of about 9000 trees and 15 acres of custom native meadowlands. Inside the building's courtyard are apricot, plum, olive, and apple orchards, as well as native herb gardens, a circular pond with wave generator, walking paths, and a large expanse of turf for recreation and special events. Plant types include 309 varieties of indigenous species and over two-million bulbs. Trees were owner-provided and managed at off-site nurseries. More than 3,000 trees were in boxes ranging in size from 84" x 84" to 156" x 156" and required large cranes to individually lift and position. Fieldworks provided services for the landscape from the building edge to the surrounding street curbs and included durable and permeable paving systems, drainage systems, concrete work, masonry, soil systems, soil compaction probing, and more.