Owner Representation

We tailor our abilities within a framework developed over 20 years of experience. Whether Buchanan Fieldworks represents you from the beginning or joins during the construction document phase, your objectives are our objectives. We exercise skillful and informed observation and reporting of the team's progress during construction. We're communicators. We know how to guide, when to listen, and who should speak up.

  • Representation in pre-construction meetings with designers and contractors.
  • Representation in regularly scheduled coordination meetings during construction.
  • Hands-on involvement in communications: agendas, project submittals, substitution requests, pay applications.
  • Thoughtful, patient, problem solving.
  • Photo-documentation of landscape construction with written reports distributed to the team, or if desired, solely to the owner.

Construction Observation

For Owners, Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers, Buchanan Fieldworks performs construction observation services. We're fans of the Construction Specification Institute (CSI) promotion of professionalism and team integration. Our goal is to determine if the installation is being constructed so that, the work, when completed, will be in accordance with the contract documents.

  • Pre-construction meetings.
  • Leading or participating in weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor (OAC) meetings.
  • Coordinated review of site.
  • Proper mock-up sizing and review procedures.
  • Plant material tagging with written & photographic reports.
  • Processing of project submittals, substitution requests, pay applications and any of the other fundamentals of project delivery.
  • Field observation reports that include clear photo-documentation and clearly written reports provided to the team members of your choosing. Field Observation Training for your field leader is also available.

Construction Document Reviews

Whether you hire us for a single project to train your employees, or maintain an ongoing relationship over the life of your firm, we're here to support your office. Successful, time-sensitive, and budget-effective construction is dependent on appropriate communication of the design. Buchanan Fieldworks wants to share its solutions and strategies for organizing and clearly presenting your set of construction documents.

Detail Development

We provide a wide range of services for licensed landscape architects. From specifying and detailing a complete set of documents to developing individual, technically complex details, we closely collaborate to provide a documents package for you to stamp and issue.

  • Utilization of structural engineers, landscape architects, civil engineers, nursery relationships, paving consultants, agronomists, arborists, soil scientists, and horticulturalists.
  • We maintain relationships with experienced general contractors, landscape, masonry, and pavement sub-contractors, and have an extensive list of nursery and material suppliers nationally.